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Monday, August 5, 2013

"How To Mack To Latinas Pt. 2 "

I been asked by several people through e-mail and through comments on this blog to drop the continuation of the most popular post “How to mack to Latina’s”  so I will be dropping the continuation to that. I honestly have had a lot on my plate lately.  I will go into depth with these post’s so pop you some pop –corn or grab a cup of coffee.  I usually don’t write “long ass post’s” but if you have the time to soak up some solid game read on audience.

To be continued....

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Reader Comment

Comment response:

I recently read a comment that a reader to the blog made now I usually just add my 2 cents on the comment but I wanted to make a post since the comment may be too long.
Now the reader claims that Men are accusing Her ( I assume ) 
of “Being A Player” and I wanted to help the reader as to why that is.

 Here is the Comment:

“Anonymous Comment “

I'm a woman and have been accused of being a player on several occasions. I never know how to feel about it. I have no intentions of leading them on, I never tell them I love them, I don't bring them around friends or family. How can they call me a player? I'm just waiting for the right one, but they are still all but hurt when I tell them I'm moving on. I don't claim to be a good girl, but I'm not a whore either and I'm no gold digger as I make my own money and pay all my own bills. Why do we have to generalize? What I found most funny about the article and posts is that most men I have dated usually come with their own "emotional baggage" where some evil woman scarred them for life and they can never love again. My reply is always, "OK". Most women get hurt trying to fix a man they didn't break, let it go and find a man that knows how to fix himself. I believe it's this outlook as to why men don't stick around; they want that girl to either rescue, or that girl who is on

Here is my response: 

I can`t tell you why you have been accused of “being a player” but truth be told Quality Men-Don`t accuse Women of "being players"-We mention that certain Women can tend to be sexually undisciplined. And truth be told these are the most common signs that Men use to spot out “Females that are sexually undisciplined”

Granted some Men do carry emotional baggage

Now I hate to generalize as you say Hence,

Most quality Men when we go through a break up-we usually go through a vacation and a recuperation phase, Whereas a lot of Women that I`ve come across usually have another dude in the shadows before they break it off with their current dude.

The ultimate role of a Quality Man is that of leader and a Man that can upgrade his Woman mentally and spiritually primarily!!

Here are the most common things Qualiy Men look for in Women who are sexual undisciplined


Now this is a touchy subject so I won’t get into a debate- what I can say is that it all depends on the part of the body the tattoo is placed on. If the tattoos is on the breast or above the ass crack below the back with a phrase like “Loyal”! Come on you are NOT fooling anyone “Ladies”.


She is very enticing on the first date and at times she even has sex with you on the first date. Most guys will have sex with you but you better believe that we will comment that to our friends and automatically you get lumped into the hoe category.


Major red flag at least for a dude about something. ( Dusty Niggas don`t count ) Especially if the chick has multiple kids by different dudes. And is still single looking for Mr Right. 

The Way She Carries Herself

Truth be told this is the main thing we look for when we categorize a Female into the "Player" pile- its the way she carries herself; this implies: Social settings, personal  conversations, and really the non-verbal communication that she exerts

These are just a few ways a quality Man can tell if a Women is sexually undisciplined. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

More Motivation!

 I Wanted To Share Some Motivation!. Happy Hustle! To All!

Friday, July 26, 2013

" 5 Things Women Don`t Understand About Men"

The Lesbian Role

I often hear friends that get turned of and go crazy over watching 2 lesbians kiss or do some freaky sh! t. All this is is just a fantasy, a fantasy to watch 2 beautiful women caress and show affection towards one another, now the main reason we Men find that so interesting is because a lot of dudes have never had a hot women like the one they are seeing let alone 2 at the same time.

This is plain and simply an innocent fantasy; though most guys would be more than happy to have consensual sex with another woman as long as her significant other is ok with the threesome.

Talking About Problems

According to several physiologist a lot of us Men don’t want to be perceived as mommas boy`s which is why the classify us as being introverted in this area.

Let me be perfectly honest with you ladies. We are not cut from the same piece of cloth, we are generally taught to man up to pain, be leaders, and to be strong plain and simply! It`s not that we don`t feel but we usually deal with most situations like a Man is supposed to.

And truth be told Ladies,

How would you feel if your significant other was acting like an emotional sissy? To every problem, situation, or bump in the road life throws at you?

You probably wouldn`t respect him the way you do!

Bottom line; Women deal with issues, problems with all sorts of “emotional outlets” whereas when we socialize with “our boys” we usually vent out on a strategic level then we bring closure to the problem-that`s all!.

Doing two things at once

According to Marla Martenson an Author ,speaker- Men can only focus on a certain task at a time:  That is because the male brain is compartmentalized and specialized to concentrate on one specific task at once. It may seem limiting to a woman, but it enables a man to become a specialist on one subject.”

Biologically speaking. And based on several studies like the one mentioned above Men are designed to be that way so there is no need pull out all of your hairs from your head ladies.

When Men Are Constantly Checking Out Other Chicks In front Of You!

According to Louann Brizendine ( A Medical Student from that studied in San Francisco California ) author of 2 books the Female Brain, published in 2006, and The Male Brain, published in 2010
She wanted to prove how hormones affect the male and females brain differently.

“Male and Female brains are different from the moment of conception. It seems obvious to say that all the cell in a mans brain are male. Yet this means that there are deeper differnces,at the level of every cell, between the male and female brain” –Source; The Male Brain-Louann Brizendine.
Now while Louann wrote and excellent book and made excellent points.

Let me perfectly honest,

As far as why we as Men look at other Women alone or “discreetly” when we are out with you ladies,
For the most part it`s innocent. The top reasons we ( Men )  do is the following:

·         We see a Woman that is wearing something we would really like to see YOU (our significant other) in and we can`t help but to fantasize about how it would look on you ladies, for example: a nice pair of heels, nice pair of pants, a nice hairstyle or look.

·         We want to see the reaction of quality Women while being out with you to reassure us that “we still go it”- to get a boost of confidence! And to prove to ourselves that we look fly! And good!

·         We hope to run into our ex. And we want to “show you off” and hold our head up high-if we happen to come across that scenario. This is especially true if our ex lives in the same city and frequents the same venues, social spots.

·         We are having second thoughts about the current relationship we are in so we think that the grass may be greener on the other side of the fence, so we secretly start wondering what if would be like to be with a different quality Woman.

And of course there are more reasons that may have gone past my head, but generally speaking this speaks for us (men) across the board.

Whey Men Have Sex Immediately After a Break Up

Now as I mentioned above we as Men are not programmed to be emotional; though there are certain things that can move us.

A lot of us Men after breaking up tend to “let loose” go out! socialize and at times even have safe sex with multiple women because it`s a way of “forgetting about you ladies!” without going through the emotional pain of the “what if scenario” and the thought of the break up!. A lot of times this is just a quick way of accepting when things are really over and forget about you ladies in the arms of a better woman.

Now this is NOT always the case, it depends on the approach we want to take over the break up. A lot of times if we really loved the Female we were with- we will just have some personal time to think things though so that we are also not back into the emotional realm and getting all “emotional”.

A lot of guys will simply take a vacation from dating; again depends on the exact scenarion. However as mentioned above that is the main reason Men have sex after a break up!

Friday, July 12, 2013


I normally don`t do this on real mack talk, but I wanted this post some more shine. I wanted to share some motivation since in July it`s my birthday and s of right now this is how I feel about motivation and what moves me in life …

I was having an spiritual epiphany- NOT married NO kids yet, so I AM my motivation !

To be the Man who

·         is knowledgeable of many subjects NOT just women

·         is in control of his future, next move, and has SELF CONTROL

·         is always on top of his game and striving to be the best person one can be in every aspect   possible- physically, mentally and especially spiritually.

So the next post ties into this spiritual epiphany I was having without further a due enjoy… ( By RealGoesRight ) 

A conversation between Greatness, Sacrifice, Compromise and a young cat G

By RealGoesRight

Greatness: On your way to reaching me, you have to understand there will be certain things you have to give up in my name.

Sacrifice: Maybe not your first born, but there are people you start out with who will not make it with you on the journey. It’ll come down between what YOU really want and what THEY really want. And picking what YOU want will make it so they can no longer co-exist with your current trajectory.

G: …

Greatness: I’m afraid he’s right son. When Snoop said he paid the cost to be the boss, that wasn’t just a cute rap quote to sell records. People have done many things to find me. Some people never regret the decisions they made. Some people regret ALL the decisions they made.

Compromise: Even when dealing with me, you have to understand I require payment as well. Maybe not your first born, but there are parts of yourself and your personality you will have to give up. Truthfully, you can consider me the little brother to Sacrifice. There are things that I will ask of you, you will not be willing to give up. And honestly, you can’t follow my lead every time the opportunity comes up. Chasing Greatness will undoubtedly change you and unfortunately, those changes aren’t always for the better.

G: So how do I know whether I should keep pushing or I should just chalk up my losses and go home?

Greatness: Because in order to be truly great, you know that you will have to take some wins and some losses. You figure out what you can deal with and when it goes too far, that’s where you draw the line.

G: You said a whole lot of nothing just now.

Greatness: Tough break bro. Remember, just because it doesn’t cost you money doesn’t mean it didn’t cost you something. The reason nobody knows how much it costs to reach me is because the cost differs for each person. It’s up to you to find the cost you can live with. Should a day arrive when you feel it is too expensive…when you’ve paid more than your share of blood/sweat/tears or you’ve seen too many relationships and friendships waste away…or the day you find yourself meeting me and you realize you have nobody to share it with…

…Let’s just say the journey is half the battle and meeting me is not nearly as sweet if you have to do it on your own

Think about this the next time  you make your next move! 

Pain Is Just Weakness Leaving YOUR Body-Unknown Source! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Simp Rehab!

What is a Simp?

•A man that puts himself in a subservient/submissive position under women in hopes of winning them over, without the female bringing anything to the table.
•A man that puts too much value on a female for no reason .
•A man that prides himself with "Chivalry" in hopes of getting sexual gratification form women .
•A square with no game other than “Rolling out the Red-Carpet” for every female.


•to restore to a condition of good health, ability to work, or the like.
•to reestablish the good reputation of (a person, one's character or name, etc.). 
•to restore formally to former capacity, standing, rank, rights, or privileges. 

This is where once choses to constantly rehabilitate himself, into this mack mind-set and mack game.
Like an alcoholic attending an AA program that realizes he is an alcoholic. This is the equivalent to the Simp- he realizes that his Simp decisions and Simp lifestyle have taken him to the path of a broken heart, Women getting over on him, and catering to Women in hopes of getting sexual gratification always put him in a subservient submissive position under broads.

Now alcoholic rehab is gathering knowledge, having a mentor, venting out past failed experiences getting game from other people that have surpassed the habit and other ways of rehabilitating one´s self. 
In this Mack game the way you rehabilitate yourself from “Simphood” is by constantly upgrading yourself out of the “Simp Mindset”. These are some examples that I have tried and have worked for me : 

•Start hanging around your friends or peers that actually get pussy and accept that for what it is.-Accept THR ( “The Harsh Reality” ) All Females are NOT ladies. 

•Listen to more rugged mackish music ( avoid “love” songs )

•Read more books that focus on upgrading yourself from a male´s perspective . From Men that have solid credentials and men that are thorough in life.

•Stop taking advice from Women on how to treat them, 

Some Women deserve to be loved and treated with respect I´m NOT knocking that but you have to decipher between that -and a woman that just wants a Simp to cater to her- to her advantage always! Some Women swear up and down they want a "gentle man" when Women say ( Right out the gate ) “ I want a gentle-man” that really means “ I want a simp” .let´s keep it real ladies , Women really want a "rough respectful man" a dude with character. 

•Stop looking at Women as "Mother Figures" just like some Women have masochistic tendencies; Men could have a co. dependency to Women as a "Mother Figure" This could cause a lot of dudes to revert back to that Simp mentality ..

but you have to be a leader ! And you don´t do that by depending on Women to be your Mom , Man up Players! ...and rehabilitate yourself. 

All in all like admitting you are an alcoholic and seeking help, there is nothing wrong with realizing that simp tendencies could have been implanted from a young age.

•Chop up game with other thorough players on this website.www.unitedplayersofamerica.com  Example: Plan-B, macmajii, Yungsavvy and all the other thorough players you know who you are.

All in all this post in NOT to sh!t on Simp´s but rather to share some game to those who want to take heed once they receive it. 

“Loving a girl that deserves it is NOT wrong, but “Simping with a passion” is NOT the business”

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dirty Macking VS Macking

I wanted to touch on this subject since I´ve had a few e-mails from dudes asking me shit like “how do I fuck this chick” or  “How do I cheat on my girl without making it hot?” or half assed game questions in general.

The game is ass backwards. And a lot of dudes have a False impression to the game.

Dirty Macking: Is deceptive game plain and simply. 

This is the prime example of dog connotations that Women give to guys that have done them dirty in other words played them.

Dirty Macks are the type of dude that will tell a Female they "love them" when they really don`t to try and get a piece of ass.

Dirty Macks in my opinion also fit the description of a "Dusty Nigga" with a "Thugh Mentality" let`s be honest in the hood a thugh is the lowest of the low lifes and his "game" is no different it`s always on some "Getting over on a female tip". 

I`ve even come across dusty dirty macks that will purposely have kids by different hoodrats to live off the goverment and in some rare cases their kids. 

Dirty Macks are also a dudes who still want to cheat low key- but find themselves in a relationship to a Female they have lied to be with her in the first place. 

Dirty Macks are often referred to by Females as players because they often just want to fuck females by deceiving them and getting over on them somehow.

These are just a few ways to describe a "Dirty Mack" or course there is more but you get the idea.

A mack is the total opposite of a dirty mack. A mack´s game is based on integrity.

A mack is a man of means-a dude about something! With his game tight and a different outlook of life-a dude that can actually upgrade any Female he deals with especially on a mental level.

Notice the difference from a dirty mack where his main objective is to get over on a females wheas,

To a true thorough mack being on top of his game is his main priority NOT being on top of a female.

A mack is honest and upfront about what he does and the women he deals with.

A macks game is all about strategy and usually and usually only deal with dimes or Women that bring more than pussy to the table.

A mack chooses tangibles over pussy-if both are obtainable “coo” but tangibles prevail over a piece of ass.

All in all Macking always gives you better results with Women long term!. 

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