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Monday, September 13, 2010

" Addressing A Female's Emotional Needs"

I came across this article ,that I just had to share and give the proper credit to the author , He has some good game on here that I co. sign because at times we should address a female’s emotional needs’ to strike a reaction.  Which In my opinion is the main point-at times?.  

This article by Frank B Kermit (from the montreal  lair) helps address  women’s emotional needs and makes hooking relationships that much easier.

Frank has several books on lulu.com and the one where he speaks about addressing (Keyword : ‘addressing’ ) a  women’s emotional needs (there are 10 of them).

'Everything out of her mouth  is a test' is the pick of the bunch. An excellent matrix-aware treatise on relationship management.

Other matrix aware books on relationship management would be (in no particular order)

Franco's excellent e-book on Seduction for Husbands and Players

David Deida's Way of the Superior Man

Mark Cunningham's Building a Better Girlfriend (bit hypnotic and sneaky for my tastes, but seems to be pretty solid)

How and Why Women Test Men and About What

Here it is: By Frank B Kermit. Philosophy on Men, Women and Relationships and the definition of a test.

A TEST: is when a woman says or does something, specifically to evoke a reaction out of a man, whether verbal or action based. It is a SUB-CONSCIOUS mechanism that a woman uses to find out about what kind of man she is dealing with.

It is the predictor and basis for all sexual attraction and love she will have for a man. Every test is designed to make her feel special (your lover) when a man passes it, or makes her feel un-special (thus turns her into your mother) if you fail it.

At least, that is how I see it.

During the process of my development, I went searching for one or two unifying themes to apply as a rule when I attempted to analyze relationships between men and women.

I came up with the following:

The Frank B Kermit theory:

1-Everything out of her mouth is a test (even when it is not, treat it as so anyways)
2-A woman can only fit into 1 OF 2 roles in any mans life. Mother or Lover.
3-She constantly tests you to see what role she should follow
4-Within each test is an emotional need being communicated
5-If you address the emotional need, you pass the test, she feels attracted to you, she gets to be your lover and you have sex
6-If you do not address the emotional need, you fail the test, she loses attraction to you, she is forced to assume the role of your mother and you do not get sex

and last but not least ?

7-A women always tests because her instinct to mother is stronger than her instincts for sex .

I have identified 10 emotional-need categories, but for the purposes of this book, I will only list the category names here, and not a lengthy description of each.

The 10 Emotional Needs of a Woman

1-The protection of her most valuable asset: Her Reputation

2-Women want to “FEEEEL” a range of emotions. Do not try to make her happy, give her a full range from fury to ecstasy. This is a.k.a. her ” Drama Cookie .“

3-Cater to the little girl in her. Know the difference when to ignore her ramblings and when she needs you to give her a hug. Sometimes she just needs to be reassured like a little kid

4-Be dominant and take responsibility for leading the relationship. This includes making all the decisions, and taking 100% responsibility for the sex in the relationship. It all has to be the mans fault .

5-She fears abandonment. This is part biological programming, as in the event she is left with a child, she needs to be sure that she will not be abandoned, and left alone to care for it. This covers her emotional need to feel secure.

6-Trust. The key here is if she can trust you to be honest with her; even if you know she will not like what you have to say. In a woman’s reality, she is used to people lying to her ALL THE TIME because of the way she looks, or they simply want something from her. If you are willing to piss her off with your honesty, you have demonstrated that she can trust you.

7-Her physical safety. A man must demonstrate that he is capable of protecting her physically from the threats of the outside world. This is to make her feel safe.

8-Women need to know you can handle her TRUE sexuality. She will only be as wonton with you as you demonstrate that you can handle it. She needs to explore her sexuality and let it be free with you as a Natural Woman

9-Prove that you have high quality sperm by showing other girls want to have sex (procreate) with you, and/or you are a good catch and he kids with you will also be a good catch enough to also attract a mate.

10-Prove that you are not a homosexual. She knows every homosexual male friend
 she  has that is not out of the closet yet? Could you be one of them?

Regardless of what she tests you with, if you can spot one of these ten emotional needs in-between her words and you address that need by your communication and actions, you will pass the test, and she will by default feel attraction for you, and desire to be your lover.

I think what happens in most relationships is that a man attracts a woman as his lover, and over time, she becomes more like his mother to him, thus sacrificing her attraction to him. In my unscientific-based opinion, that is when the relationship starts to die. 

In my opinion Frank’s theory is  an excellent stepping stone.

Plus as I mentioned at the top which I did not got to deep into was (That I noticed) is  “Addressing” is the keyword not turning into an emasculated hen pecked pussy” that follows his woman . Like a certified  married men that let’s his woman wear the pants.

I have a post on here that touches on that topic  named “Preserving The Integrity Of The Empire” Check that out? On this same blog. 



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